The Best Process

How does a Best Divorce Options actually work?
  • You and your partner meet with your specialist collaborative lawyer separately to discuss what is important to you and what you want out of the meetings.
  • You will then meet again with your lawyer, partner and your partner’s lawyer to sign a Participation Agreement. The agreement sets out guidelines to the process and states that if either party commences litigation that both lawyers must cease to act for their clients.
  • Crucial to the collaborative process is the understanding that you will act in good faith in negotiations and that differences may need to be expressed to achieve an amicable outcome.
  • The majority of the negotiations are then carried out in ‘4 way meetings’; in an honest and non-confrontational environment. As a result the risk of misunderstandings is reduced.
  • At no point during the process are letters written to address disputed issues, all discussions are done through face-to-face meetings which are then minuted.
  • Once an agreement has been reached, the lawyers draw up an agreed document and it is submitted to Court for approval.
What should you do next?

Please click on The Best People section for the contact details of individual group members – they will be able to discuss your individual circumstances and to see if Best Divorce Options is right for you.